Welcome to the world
of digital damage processing

Welcome to the world of digital damage processing

Officially Visionary

ControlExpert receives patent in the area of automatic image recognition.

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About ControlExpert



We rethink old processes and are always on the lookout for sensible ways to integrate the newest technologies into existing processes. We are convinced that all car drivers worldwide can have  car damage claims settled fairly the same day.


core business

We have been digitalizing and speeding up manual processes in the field of automobile claim management since 2002. Every year we handle more than 18 million appraisals, cost estimates, invoices and maintenance documents – and that partly fully-automated. We operate in 30 countries on 5 continents, with products which are adapted to the local needs for each individual country.


Our recipe for success

We standardize information from more than 50 million processed transactions in our data banks. To expand our knowledge we use manufacturer data and the know-how of more than 350 car experts. We also have our own Research and Development department which is constantly on the lookout for approaches to revolutionize claim processes in the future. Our research focuses on AI, Deep Learning, automatic IR and telematics.


Our customers
and partners

Our customers include all the reputable insurance companies, leasing companies, car dealerships, and manufacturers in the automobile industry. Our research partners include, amongst others, the Fraunhofer Institute and reputable technical universities like the RWTH Aachen and TU in Dortmund. As an example, the state of NRW supports some of our research projects.

Our departments


Car Experts


IT Specialists


Data Managers


R&D Experts

Our customers

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  • 110


of all insurance companies

  • 70
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of the Top 100 car dealerships

  • 85
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of the Top leasing companies

ControlExpert worldwide

Our development of transactions

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Our core process

At ControlExpert, every document that is sent to us by our customers goes through our Core Process. It is a unique process that combines human and artificial intelligence and enables plausible checking through comparison with rules and manufacturer specifications.

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Core process

Our products – 360° of Digitization

Product benefits


  • Product benefits
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cost savings
  • Process digitization
  • Efficiency

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