Core process

Our data story

CE Core process


Data delivery

  • Customers send their repair estimates, invoices and expert’s reports to ControlExpert as:
    • Paper records
    • Scanned files (PDF, Image, etc.)

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ControlExpert Data reception

  • Estimates are sent digitally to ControlExpert in most cases; in the past postal delivery was most frequent
  • PostMaster® interface is leveraged as our core input channel (our communication platform which sends the data directly to us in the appropriate format)

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Data extraction

  • Data is converted into a standardized and consistent format:
    • Any paper records are scanned
    • Scanned documents are read via OCR-software (Optical Character Recognition) in order to digitize the information
    • Any misinterpreted or missing data is completed manually by our Completion Team 

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Structured Data: CE Data

  • Data is transformed into a standard CE data format
  • CE data is the basis for automated assessment: every estimation is uniformly structured

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CE Analyzer

  • A tool developed by ControlExpert for automated assessment
  • Works with a combination of artificial intelligence routines and ControlExpert’s vast database
  • All positions of an estimate are scrutinised for plausibility through comparison with:
    • Manufacturer specifications
    • Insurer-specific rules
    • Vehicle-specific rules
    • Checked against our database which holds millions of historic validated estimate data points
    • The human know-how and judgement of our Experts stored within our database

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Final Checking

  • Errors displayed by the CE Analyzer are checked by our car experts
  • Leveraging the know-how of our 350 Experts augmented with our vast database enables an accurate evaluation of an estimate and the detection of all inconsistencies

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Final Processing

  • Generation of a structured report displaying the final decision
  • Any deleted or reduced processes within the estimate are listed and explained
  • Triggering of an automated payment

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