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Car drivers worldwide will have their claims settled fairly the same day

We at ControlExpert consider ourselves to be a service provider, offering our clients real added-value solutions. The focus of every single product from ControlExpert is to make our customers processes more efficient using digitization and ultimately contribute to the fulfilment of our vision. 

Our unique blend of Artificial Intelligence and our Experts’ knowledge, combined with a huge database, work together to form the
heart of each of our products.

Product solutions for auto­motive claims management


With the tool, the end customer is guided through the FNOL process (first notification of loss) and to take photos of the damage in a sufficient quality, so that a damage calculation can be created within the shortest possible time.

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Claims Advisor

The AI-based tool enables – based on millions of datasets – an efficient claims settlement by making automated decisions on how best to manage a claim.

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Fraud Guard

The AI-based fraud detection solution ensures a fair claims settlement and preserves our customers from unjustified payments.

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Based on millions of datasets in combination with our automotive expertise and set of rules, glass repair invoices are estimated efficiently and, for the most part, automatically.

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With the unique combination of technology and automotive expertise any car damage claim can be assessed – fairly, quickly and optimally.

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The use of artificial intelligence in the invoice check process combined with our automotive expertise enables our customers a fair evaluation of repair invoices.

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Web-based communication tool for repair shops for a binding and quick approval of cost estimates before starting the repair work.

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Repair Approval

Cost estimates from repair shops are evaluated and approved fairly and within the shortest possible time even before starting the repair work.

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Video Assessment

During the live assessment, the end customer is professionally guided by one of our car experts in recording the damage, so that the damage can be optimally assessed and calculated.

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The ideal process for assessing and settling liability claims in the area of mobile damage goods.

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Service Plus

The world's unique process for all fleet operators to process maintenance and repair operations automatically in seconds.

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