The ControlExpert

Code of Conduct

We at ControlExpert have committed ourselves to a Zero-Tolerance-Policy regarding discrimination, insider trading, inadequate level of data protection, infringements of cartel law and corruption. We entirely comply with international and/or regional legal norms and uphold efficient and reliable systems, processes and checking.

First and foremost, the CE Compliance Guidelines forbid any  offer, acceptance, payment or  authorization of bribes whatsoever, or any form of corruption.

ControlExpert maintains strict rules regarding transparency and integrity in all business practices in order to avoid improper benefits or seemingly unethical behavior of employees or business partners.

All CE-employees are trained on a regular basis in order to ensure that they adhere to these rules. They receive practical guidance on how to exercise good judgement and how to avoid potential conflicts of interest, such as accepting gifts and invitations from business partners.

Compliance guide

You can view and download our complete Compliance Guide here: