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We at ControlExpert consider ourselves to be a service provider, offering our clients real added-value solutions. These focus on making processes more efficient using digitization, which help in saving time and money. 


Our unique blend of Artificial Intelligence and our Experts’ knowledge, combined with a huge database, work together to form the heart of each of our products.




The smart way of claims handling


EasyClaim shortens the time to settle a claim from weeks down to a couple of hours. Information and damage photos are sent to ControlExpert via a web-app. Within a matter of just hours the customer receives a calculation of the repair costs.


  • Claims handling within just a few hours
  • Completely digital process
  • More time for other customer requests
  • No paperwork
  • Flexible and innovative way for the customer to settle claims
  • Target group: insurance companies

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The smart way of claims handling for repair shops and car manufacturers


EasyClaimGo enables a web-based calculation of repair costs in just a couple of hours.
The claimant or the employee at the repair shop takes photos of his/her damage. These photos are sent to ControlExpert where the repair costs can be calculated assisted by our Experts and database, and transmitted directly to the repair shop.


  • Automated process
  • Can be handled with any mobile device
  • More efficient internal processes for the repair shop, as preparing the calculation is much less time-consuming
  • Target group: repair shops, OEM, leasing companies, fleet operators

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Claim amount predictions in real time


SpeedCheck, the web-based application, enables the determination of repair costs in real time. The vehicle is identified e.g. with the VIN number. Using a 3D vehicle model, the damage zones and degree of damage can be selected. The repair costs are determined and displayed immediately.


  • Determination of claim amount in real time incl. loss of use costs, retention costs and replacement value
  • Easy management of damage on initial contact
  • Consideration of regional wages
  • Determination of anticipated repair costs by using masses of historic previous data 
  • Target group: insurance companies, OEM, repair shops

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System-based audit of glass invoices


GlassCheck offers a full quality management for our glass partners and insurance companies. The digital communication via the PostMaster® platform ensures accelerated and automated processes. Glass invoices are checked according to manufacturer specifications. Our glass partners and insurance companies receive structured claims and payment data.


  • Digital communication via PostMaster®
  • Reduction of internal handling costs
  • Process optimization through reduction of manual touch-points
  • Target group: insurance companies, leasing companies, fleet operators

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Checking of cost estimates and assessments


All cost estimates or assessments first have to pass a rule-based check of the CE Analyzer at ControlExpert. The module is based on rules, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It checks the estimated replacement part prices, hourly labor rates, painting and associated hourly rates and much more. If errors are detected, the data is sent to one of our car experts for an in-depth review.


  • Professional and in-depth check by specialized vehicle body and paint experts
  • Checking and determination of replacement value and depreciation
  • Determination of total loss relevance and linkage to all salvage exchanges
  • Target group: insurance companies

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Unique process for checking body invoices


InvoiceCheck’s recipe for success is on the one hand through perfectly prepared and intelligently linked data, and on the other hand through the expert knowledge of the employees. ControlExpert not only knows what the lump sum costs are, but also each individual item involved. We know which manufacturer has individual specifications regarding labor values, included/combined work and repair instructions.


  • Final negotiations with the repair shop
  • Consideration of manufacturer specifications
  • Specialization of the car expert teams by manufacturers
  • Structured data transfer leads to automated processing
  • Target group: insurance companies, leasing companies, fleet operators

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Quality management tool for repair shop networks


If a leasing company, claims manager or car agency files a claim, he/she is directed to the next repair shop. The cost estimate generated by the repair shop is digitally and automatically sent to ControlExpert and subject to an automated audit by AutoCheck. Within a maximum of two hours the repair shop is provided with a repair approval.


  • Repair approval within two hours
  • Automated commercial and technical checking (assigned to car experts in relevant cases)
  • Structured data exchange
  • Digital payment of invoices
  • Target group: insurance companies, repair shops, OEM, leasing companies, fleet operators

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Appraiser Fee Check

Review of basic fees and additional costs of experts


Experts independently determine their basic fee and additional costs which leads to huge differences in the invoice amounts. Appraiser Fee Check reviews these costs with a database-supported process and specific set of rules. The process behind it is automated, which means that everything can be managed fully automatically.


  • Automated checking according to customer-specific rules
  • Realizable savings
  • Reduction of processing time
  • Transfer of structured damage data
  • Target group: insurance companies

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Checking of salvage and towing invoices


TowingCheck enables a final review of submitted salvage and towing invoices for trucks and passenger cars. This includes, among other things, telephone clarification with the towing company, consideration of hourly rates, checking of the chronical sequence or the disclosure of costs incurred, e.g. environmental damage or storage fees. 


  • Extensive experience from >20,000 salvage and towing invoices
  • Customer-specific checking rules and regulations
  • Professional mediation between insurance and towing company
  • Target group: Insurance companies

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Checking of electronic devices and glasses


MobileCheck is the one-stop solution for digital damaged goods. The whole checking process is managed and coordinated by ControlExpert – From the shipping of the damaged goods to determining the plausibility of damage as well as sending the evaluation report. The damaged goods not only undergo a technical review by certified technicians from ControlExpert, but also an inspection by manufacturer-authorized contract repair shops and specialized experts.


  • Determination of plausibility, new and current market value as well as repair
  • Managing the complete correspondence process
  • Checking and repair according to manufacturer-specific requirements
  • High savings potential
  • Target group: insurance companies

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Digitization and automation of manual maintenance processes


FleetControl is the ideal solution for all leasing companies and fleet operators for systemized checking of maintenance and repair processes. With the digitization of manual maintenance processes, significant time and cost savings can be generated. Additionally, automated follow-up processes can be triggered.


  • Approvals are checked for manufacturer and contract-data automatically
  • More time for customer service
  • Accelerated outgoing payments, as structured dataset is sent to leasing company; automated payment is triggered
  • Repair shop conditions can be agreed in advance
  • Tool can be handled easily and from everywhere; quick and easy communication - no need for phone calls
  • Target group: leasing companies, fleet operators

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Digital communication platform for networking the car industry


With the web-based platform PostMaster®, car dealerships, repair shops and car painters can generate their cost estimates, assessments and invoices in their usual dealer management system. Everything is sent as a package to their partners in the corporate, leasing and insurance industries. Structured data records are delivered immediately and can be assessed efficiently. The repair shop gets a binding approval.


  • Time and cost savings through paperless communication
  • Binding approvals before repair start
  • Liquidity increases through faster payment
  • Target group: insurance companies, repair shops, OEM, leasing companies, fleet operators

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