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As pioneers of digitalisation, we continually seek ways to broaden our digital frontier to integrate the very latest emerging technologies to further simplify and enhance our processes.


To place this philosophy at our centre we established our own Research and Development team in 2015.


Now at 30 people strong, our R&D team has been intensively researching and creating our next generation of services.
For example, how leveraging on-board sensor technology can be used for car damage notification, localisation, and calculation. Another example of our research is how image recognition using machine learning can help detect damage levels and parts requirements.

Our goal is to continue to improve our products provide you, our customer with the very best tools needed to get the right results.

20 Data Scientists from the fields of:

Telematics – Claim information in seconds


"In the event of an accident, the damage can be quantified before the car even comes to a standstill."

  • Acquiring data through sensors present in the vehicle.
  • Reliable information on accident circumstances and the extent of any damage.
  • Augmenting this data with the CE database to automatically create an estimate.

Automated Image Recognition

"We're active in the same field as Facebook, Google, Apple. Where they’re applying their effort toward facial recognition, at ControlExpert we’re using the same methodology and algorithms to images of cars."

  • Inspection by automotive mechanics is made plausible and easier.
  • Images can be automatically assigned to damage zones.
  • The future brings automatic calculation. 
  • Faster and more efficient processes.


Identify and classify parts from photos



Identify damage parts



Identify the degree of damage of each part



Determine the expected repair cost

Chatbots & language assistants

"Chatbots or language assistants simplify the initial contact process with the customer. The claim handler is then given more time to focus on more complex or specialist customer requests."

  • Process acceleration.
  • 24 / 7 availability.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

We are successful with Chatbots!


2016 – InsurHack (Zurich): 
“Claim settlement with Chatbots” (2nd)


2017 – HackNEXT (Allianz): 
“Carlexa” (2nd)

3D Printing

“The replacement parts industry will be revolutionised. Development, manufacturing, and sales will all need to be completely reconsidered.”

Research project “It’s digitive”
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