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Control€xpert receives certification by TÜV SÜD

From the hand of Professor Dr. Peter Schaff TÜV SÜD recently received the Management of Control€xpert the certification documentation according to DIN EN ISO 9001 

TÜV SÜD has certified Control€xpert according to ISO 9001. Recently professor Dr. Peter Schaff, management spokesperson of TÜV SÜD management service GmbH and apl. Professor at Munich TU, handed the document to Gerhard Witte and Wolfgang Kallweit, that together with Kai Siersleben form the three-headed management of Process service provider from Landfeld, Control€xpert. Schaff is engaged for years now with interdisciplinary approaches for companies that consider management excellence and processes as the key success factor in competition", as the Munich-based testing and inspection group describes itself the area of responsibility of its high-ranking functionary.


In his speech on the occasion of the certificate awarded to Control€xpert, Schaff stressed that the certification of a service provider like Control€xpert "poses in its entirety a special challenge," as the "dynamics of the unusually complex business processes," require a special management system. He praised the fact that the founder and manager of Control€xpert has always set quality as the foundation of his own aspiration. "Quality is growing from the inside out and was the foundation of your business success," said Schaff directly to the C-€ manager.

Gerhard Witte in turn, admitted that he initially faced critically the burden of certification, because the certificate on the wall alone does not confirm anything". The success of a company comes from its conviction factors that are not measurable. This includes business ethics of the entrepreneur, but also "healthy instincts of a risk-conscious medium-sized company." Nevertheless, every opportunity was to be used in order to minimize active errors or to avoid it at all. Because "error cost money, the customers' money," said Witte in accordance with his management colleague Wolfgang Kallweit.

Control € xpert have recognized that partners - especially from the automotive industry- increasingly attach importance to indicating high quality standards also to third parties with respect to this Management certificate. Both Professor Schaff and the Control€xpert manager made it clear that modern management on the one hand firms, ensures targeted management of business, but at the same time leaves room to the employees for sensibility, imagination and creativity.


The industry service provider, Control€xpert, founded in 2002 in Langenfeld, assesses as a specialist in automated examinations daily 8000 documents such as invoices or cost estimates. The clients are well-known car insurance companies, car manufacturers and fleet operators -from home and abroad. About 230 people like mathematicians, IT specialists and car mechanic complete the day's work in C€ and develop new task fields. The structured and well-maintained data in Control€xpert facilitate, according to Gerhard Witte, decisions today in many boardrooms: "Anyone who wants to know what a (his) car will really cost, will also get the exact answer at Control€xpert." The company is currently expanding its well-established services in the automotive sector among other to property and liability insurance.

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